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Vehicle Collection and Delivery Service in UK

When it comes to delivery or collection service for single or multiple vehicle movements, one name that most corporates in UK reckon with, is ours – Maciot Motors. Being in the business since 1990, wehave vastly grown into diverse services like vehicle collection & deliveries, fleet vehicle deliveries, dealer transfers, vehicle inspections, car logistics etc. What has grown along with is our clientele, making us one of the most successful commercial motor trade firms in the UK.

James Léon Jefferson aswell as covering all aspects of vehicle transportation he offers a specialised customer tailored car sales business to help you choose the right vehicle for your needs right the way to doing a p/x deal and then delivering your new car to your door, hassle free.

Why Us?

From leasing companies to main dealer garages, to corporate of all kinds, we have been serving businesses across industries. Some of the key reasons why our clients choose us over our peers are our strong footing in the field and our team of drivers who have years of experience within the automotive and non-automotive industries. Additionally, the very fact that all our drivers mandatorily undergo a week-long induction and training program enables us to provide hassle-free services to our clients and build long-lasting relationships.

What also gives us concrete standing in the business, is our well integrated and user-friendly vehicle movement tracking system and our 24 * 7 availability. Through this system, our Transport Managers based at our central traffic office in West Yorkshire, constantly track and control the movement of the vehicles and the drivers. This system creates a win-win for both our drivers and customers in the way that our drivers get collection and delivery details right on their mobile and our clients get to access real-time information of their vehicle’s movement in just a few clicks.

We Value Our Clients

We strongly believe in giving value to our clients. We treat every feedback or experience as an opportunity to build upon, and our dedicated team is regularly trained so that they can create more and more moments of customer delight.

Additionally, when you sign up with us for any business requirement, we guarantee seamless service on time, every time. Not just this, from the moment our driver takes ownership of your vehicle and until he hands it over at its destination, your vehicle is covered with a motor trade fully comprehensive insurance policy. We abide by this like no one’s business!

So, if you are looking for a commercial motor-trade quote, do try our services. We promise to give you reasons for coming back to us!