Terms & Conditions

At Maciot Motors we trust in being transparent and up front regarding our services for and communication with all our customers. We believe that you should be able to view our Terms and Conditions quickly and clearly.

An outline of our Terms and Conditions are detailed below (a full version is available on request).

These are important aspects to any movement booked with Maciot Motors Please make sure you (the Customer) have read and (if necessary) acted upon suitable points in respect of vehicle movement bookings:

  • Additional requirements relating to collection / delivery must be advised by the Customer to the Maciot Motors Operations Team and not directly to a driver
  • Additional requirements requested by the Customer cannot be authorised by Maciot Motors drivers and Maciot Motors will not be liable in such an event
  • Whilst Maciot Motors plans all routes efficiently unforeseen incidents (traffic, accidents, road closures etc.) can cause delays – Maciot Motors will attempt to keep the Customer (and their customer / supplier) explained of any delays in collection or delivery
  • Unless directed otherwise all vehicles delivered to end users / customers will be assumed to be paid for in full prior to delivery. Maciot Motors accepts no liability for delivered vehicles that have not been paid for without prior notification from the Customer
  • Where a driver has been posted and a movement is cancelled by the Customer and not by Maciot Motors an aborted movement charge will apply
  • Where an aborted movement occurs the original charge for the movement will apply
  • Maciot Motors will use reasonable undertakings to reduce failed charges whenever possible
  • In booking a movement the Customer agrees that the vehicle(s) can legally be driven on the highway and complies with all legal requirements and where applicable have a valid MOT certificate
  • The inspection report carried out by a Maciot Motors driver is a visual inspection only and is not concerned with the mechanics of the vehicle
  • All goods and valuables must, where possible, be removed from the vehicle prior to collection. If not they must be detailed on Maciot Motors collection / delivery report upon collection
  • Unless advised otherwise by the Customer Maciot Motors will manage vehicle fuel levels to empty upon delivery
  • Where a vehicle breaks down and requires recovery through Maciot Motors resource all charges in this respect will be invoiced directly to the Customer
  • Exceptions made to any of the above points must be represented and agreed with Maciot Motors in writing prior to the movement of the vehicle

All other terms apply.